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  • Clean up the trash
  • Start pc a little bit faster
  • Save files from virus
  • Keep pc in good health
  • Trace the origin of a chat
  • Trace the origin of an email
  • Don't click on email links
  • Revive a dying hard disk
  • Fix pc with no video display
  • Subliminal messages in ads


  • The Power to Heal (part1)
  • The Power to Heal (part2)
  • Chocolate - food of the gods
  • What causes illness?
  • Is coffee good for you?
  • Is there a fountain of youth?


  • Colon Cancer Linked to Lack of Sleep
  • 8 Spices for Your Health
  • Lovesickness Can Lead To Suicide
  • Eat Fish, Be Happy
  • Sleep Helps Improve Memory
  • Rich and red tomatoes may help cut your cancer risk
  • Bad Breath: Five Causes and Five Cures
  • Ladies, avoid eating chicken wings!
  • Stress can trigger 'broken hearts'
  • Do not re-use Mineral Water Bottles!
  • Little Known Fact About Your Brain
  • Big belly or big butt? Which is better?
  • No. 1 Food That Leads to Big Bellies
  • Brushing 3 Times a Day Keeps Flab Away?
  • 7 "Bad" Foods That Are Good for Your Body


  • The Meaning of Amen
  • The Mystery of Falling in Love
  • Your favorite color is the key to your sexual life
  • Tests for Smart People only
  • Bad Habits by Sign
  • Sleep Position Reveals Your Personality
  • What Your Face Says About You
  • I've heard all about you...

  • S   E   R   V   I   C   E   S

    internet, games, chat
    (priority: research & games)
    = P5 /30-minute timer

    PRINT (black, color, short, long)
    = P5 /text or pictures per page

    = P5 /pic
    = P10 /document

    PC REPAIR, install OS, fix hard disk errors, virus errors, formatting, complete with important programs
    = P500 (minimum)
    (Note: PC not claimed by owner after 2 months will be sold to cover expenses.)

    COPIER (text, pics, short, long)
    = P5 /page, black or color

    COPY CD/DVD burn
    pc game to HD/USB = P90 /game
    pc game to CD/DVD = P110 /cd
    music to HD/USB = P3 /song
    music to CD/DVD
    = P30 ur cd, P50 my cd (10 songs)
    file/video to CD/DVD
    = P30 ur cd, P50 my cd

    Picture transfer from your USB, digicam, celphone to my pc for uploading to ur FB
    = FREE, just ask me.

    be cool. be smart. mjanecm @