Audio testimony by Pamela Tampus (Diabetes, Arthritis, PCOS/Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

July 27, 2022 LifeStyles HOPE meeting at McDonalds Basak, Lapu-lapu Cebu.
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Good morning! For those who don't know me, I am Pamela Tampus. I took Intra in 2017 because I was DIABETIC. I know only Intra, Intra juice. On May 30, my neice Maricris visited me so I can do the business. My good boss had me join as a member cause I never wanted to do this business. All I wanted was to deliver PC (Personal Collection items).

Then I started doing the business on March 27. I purchased INSTANT and brought them to Mindanao. I was happy to know that too many people in Mindanao had health problems, they purchased the product even though they rejected it at first. They said they want to TRY. When I got back to Cebu, they called me and said "Ma'am, can you pls deliver us some of it because my soldier husband's Arthritis was healed." That is the reason why I achieved my promotion in 1 month. I was able to buy INSTANT EXPRESS worth P104,000 from the 9 people who joined under me. I did the business and the first cheque I received on June 20 was P16,000. On July 20, I received P111,000.

I was never ashamed of endorsing the product because my husband (whoever knows him), his name is Anoy, and at the time of the pandemic, we were so busy delivering vegetables, and fish that he was overfatigued from work and was VOMITING BLOOD. It was a pandemic and if I were to bring him to the hospital, it would be diagnosed as COVID. So we did not bring him to the hospital, instead, I had him drink 1 bottle of Intra juice in 1 day. I was scared cos his EYES DARKENED, he was THINNER and always complaining of BREATHING DIFFICULTY, every time he spits, THERE IS DARK BLOOD IN THE SALIVA.

I had him drink for 1 week, 1 bottle per day. I made sacrifices and did not care about the expensive price tag. If it was COVID, he'd be admitted to a hospital and never recover. That is why 1 Intra juice bottle per day. In 7 days, he recovered.

I have another testimony, my daughter had PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). She's supposed to come here today but she has work. She started drinking the product, 1 set or the Better Together kit (1 BTKit). She started July 1, ah on June 1. Because of the PCOS, she looked awful.

July 13, I was in Bicol. She called me and said, "Mom, I am not feeling well. I had FEVER and STOMACH PAIN. I told her to drink Intra and Nutria. She said she drank already and asked to be excused because she needs to discharge. In the comfort room, the DISCHARGE WAS A LOT OF SMALL STONES. She got scared that she hadn't seen it before. I asked her how she felt, and she said her stomach felt light. Her body was in detox. The products she drank were cleansing her body. Last Sunday she called me again, another DISCHARGE OF SMALL STONES. She felt the stones in her hands when she washes them away. She took the product on July 1 and was able to consume all 4 boxes of the BTKit. Her body underwent cleansing and detox.

The product is really good. I am a DIABETIC. I am also using the product. Last month, we went to Bicol, saw the Mayon Volcano, and climbed up there. My knee used to have pains. I drink Nutria 3 times a day, 6 capsules every after the meal. Some friends who knew me saw something has changed in me. Before, my SKIN WAS SO DARK and with FRECKLES. After taking the product, a lot of my friends told me that I was probably taking Glutathione. But I never take Gluta, why poison my body with it? I never knew then only now that I keep attending meetings that Nutria can LIGHTEN THE SKIN COLOR and IMPROVE THE SKIN TEXTURE.

I am DIABETIC but you can't tell that I am suffering from it because I never get tired. I always travel. That is all I can say that Lifestyles products and benefits are the best. It's good business. Thank you.

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Source & Photo Credit: Lifestyles Canada, P6 HOPE TALISAY
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