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Pachelbel Canon 528 Hz Healing frequency. Stay away from illuminati-inspired popular music. Clean your mind, body and soul. Classical music is irreplaceable.
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adicboys cf clan

adicboys clan mission: Maintain high CW winning rate.

adicboys slogan: "Adict sa CF, hindi sa drugs."

adicboys logo:
Inspired by Egypt's pyramid, not illuminati.

adicboys history:
Created in November 2015 by a 10-year old CF gamer named Rhoudge. Management was transferred to me while i upgraded the logo and implemented the rules.

adicboys' discipline: Penalize gamers when they misbehave. Praise their best plays and motivate them by offering snacks, money, strategic advice.

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Maryjane Magbago
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adicboys' clan rules:
1) Members must be regular gamers.
2) Clan wars are held at itgcafe with permission from clan manager.
3) No cheats allowed.
4) No trash talk (only when provoked)
5) Quitters cannot rejoin.
6) Ignore haters and enemies even if they call us "weak or cheaters".

adicboys' offense specially against wall hack:
1) Stay close together for quick back-up in case team mate dies.
2) Advance firing ready for detours.
3) Don't hide or stay in 1 place for too long, keep moving
4) Anticipate/guess the enemy movement.

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